In my Evasion English book, “Donald Luskin” means “obsessive fake economist”

Donald Luskin reads between the lines in one of the stupidest columns ever printed:

So now that we understand the language, let’s read Krugman’s Tuesday column and see what he’s really talking about. In this column, Krugman berates Alan Greenspan for suggesting that Social Security benefits should be reduced, and that President Bush’s tax cuts should be made permanent. Krugman says of Greenspan: “He should have understood that the peculiarity of his position … carries with it an obligation to stand above the fray. By using his office to promote a partisan agenda, he has betrayed … the nation.”

In Evasion English, “stand above the fray” means “agree with me.” In Evasion English, “partisan” means “Republican.” And “the nation” means “Democrats.”

We already knew Luskin wasn’t too good with numbers, his reading comprehension skills seem a bit lacking too.

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