Losing his religion

Andy is troubled, disturbed and perplexed:

I’m at a loss to understand how the Bush administration failed to act decisively to take out Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi when it had several opportunities to do so. This report is deeply disturbing. I wonder how killing Zarqawi could have conceivably impeded our bid to topple Saddam; and why the White House aborted the military operations. Money quote:

In June 2002, U.S. officials say intelligence had revealed that Zarqawi and members of al-Qaida had set up a weapons lab at Kirma, in northern Iraq, producing deadly ricin and cyanide. The Pentagon quickly drafted plans to attack the camp with cruise missiles and airstrikes and sent it to the White House, where, according to U.S. government sources, the plan was debated to death in the National Security Council.

Odds are, even with Bush’s proposed I Hate The Queers amendment, Andy will still vote for him…sure beats admitting you were wrong.

I did enjoy this “money quote” from Andy:

The administration flubbed several subsequent opportunities subsequently – and hundreds are now dead as a result.

He gets paid for this stuff. No. Really.

(Added): Julia explains it all to Andy.

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