Because, if it weren’t for us, you guys would be speaking German… of course, if it weren’t for the French we’d be speaking sissy English, but never mind that….

I see another smooth talking diplomat-in-training has raised his Ugly American head:

The European Union announced Monday the tariffs being imposed effective that day on American products. The tariffs were in retaliation for a U.S. tax break for exporters that the World Trade Organization ruled was a no-no. The EU tariffs were slapped on hundreds of exports, ranging from oranges to glass to toys to machine tools.

In response to a heads-up e-mail from an EU type, Steve Biegun, foreign policy adviser to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) and mentioned as a possible replacement for national security adviser Condoleezza Rice in a second George W. Bush administration, sent the listed recipients an e-mail:

Subject: RE: EU News: . . . EU Measures Take Effect Today

Just out of curiosity, what is the accepted tariff on exporting the United States military to defend the continent of Europe (in case we decide it might not be worth it anymore)?

On the other hand, just about all of Europe has joined NATO. . . .

You won me over, you smooth talker, you….

(Thanks to sharp-eyed Anna for the link)

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