Mickey Kaus is almost certainly, reasonably likely to get smarter…but don’t bet the house on it…

Now that John Kerry has pretty much steamrolled the opposition, Mickey Kaus, who is a Democrat [Is he?- ed. Why, yes, he is!] will now provide us with a sophisticated exegesis of why he is right and all the other Democrats are wrong.

Today he advises Kerry to attack people on welfare:

If you were a Democratic presidential candidate looking to see if there were any nonsensical welfare programs left to “Souljah”–i.e. end as we know them–wouldn’t various HUD initiatives loom large?

…because, if there is anybody Kaus hates more than a person with a head full of thick wavy hair, it’s people on welfare. I mean, why can’t they pull themselves up by their own bootstraps like Kaus did, living on the mean streets of Beverly Hills, the son of distant State Supreme Court Justice who scarcely had time to make sure that Mickey got one of the nicer dorms at Harvard?

In a high unemployment era, Kaus seems to think that a winning issue is to make the lives of the poor worse, because you know, a rising tide of poverty and misery raises all middle-class boats, or something like that…

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