Perky Happy Fuzzy Baby Bunnies for Bush: The culmination of your endeavors

Congratulations and thanks to all of those who submitted slogan suggestions for the Bush/Cheney campaign. The tbogg judging panel made up of…me, narrowed it down to the below entries for your enjoyment and arousal (if this kind of thing does that kind of thing for you, it being a strange world and all). To all of those that whose entries were not selected, remember : it’s not that you lost…you just didn’t win. And keep in mind that, even though you didn’t win, you still go home with the same prize that the annointed few receive, which is bupkus. Special congratulations go out to Monica Witt and Bob Clayton who each had two! entries selected.

Our grand prize winner is actually a tie between S. Schultz and the mysteriously named “nowhack” for their submission:

Bush/Cheney: Five out of nine Supreme Court Justices agree!

..which I judged to have the requisite upbeat vibe for a downbeat country. Congratulations you two wacky kids. Now for the also-rans runners-up:

Bush & Cheney: Keeping America Terrorist-Free Since Sept. 12, 2001.
–Curt Marwitz

Bush 04: Let’s have a Greater Depression!
–Sean Stone

Bush/Cheney: We Will Never Forget the Lessons of 9/11. Meanwhile, Keep Shopping.
— John MacDonald

Bush in 2004: For Everyone Who Ever Wanted to One-Up Their Father
— Nothing Productive

Bush – Strong enough for a man but made for a woman…No WAIT!!!
— Scott Stansberry

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Y…Uh, I Mean, Than You Were Two…Um, Make That Six Mon…Well, Look, You’re Doing OK, Right?
— Doug G.

Bush/Cheney ’04: Or the gays, teachers, and terrorists win!
— Eric Brewer

Just Like Reagan – Only Dumber and Meaner
— Eugene Oregon

Bush 2004:Deeply disturbed by what gays are doing, ignorant of what he is doing.
–- Jake Jensen

“George W. Bush: Not his father’s wimp.”
–- bizutti

Bush/Cheney ’04 – Not Completely a Fiasco!
–- Lo Ping Wong

America: because freedom is for Canadians.
–- August Pollack

Rainy Days Mean God is Crying for a Gay Marriage Banning Amendment
–- Monica Witt

A Car in Every Garage, A Chicken in Every Pot; A Manufacturing Job in Every MacDonald’s
–- Monica Witt

BUSH: A Man, a plan, a codpiece
–- Mark G

America: Alabama Writ Large.
— Dr. BDH

The Bush administration: Come for the pasty, rich white guys, stay for the second term queer bashing!
— Generik Wilson

No Bush-No War … Know Bush-Know War
— David Currie

Liberty, equality, justice — yeah, we’ve heard of those.”
— Bob Clayton

“About our achievements … Look! Queers!”
– Bob Clayton

Bush/Cheney: Because the truth just isn’t as much fun.
–- Laura Lewis

“Bush/Cheney, Keeping Us Safe: Terrorists will not attack us and kill 2800 innocent people on our soil and destroy the WTC and smash the Pentagon more than once on OUR watch!”
–- Rogue Planet

Thanks all. And you can pick up your goody-bags from security….

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