This, that, and the other thing…

My dad used to say that all the time. These are just some random things that don’t deserve a post of their own:

&#149Today I received a American Library edition of de Tocqueville’s Democracy In America in the mail. I’ve seen so many quotes from it over the years that I don’t feel compelled to read it. I figure my daughter will get some use out of it someday. Frankly…it looks pretty boring. Don’t tell her though…

&#149Speaking of whom (my daughter, not de Tocqueville), Casey started high school track this week and it looks like she’ll be running the 200. I tried to get her to pole vault, which is what I did in school, but that went nowhere fast. When I picked her up at school today she was on the football field throwing a baseball with several boys, one of whom told her that if she had tried out for baseball she would have made the freshman team. It’s good to see that eight years of Little League and Pony League paid off…even if it isn’t paying off in a way that I would have liked. On top of that, she has been added to a “Select” soccer team made up of 14-year old girls from Southern California that will be playing in a college coaches showcase tournament in Las Vegas in a few weeks. All of these things remind me of the fact that she’s ten times the athlete I ever dreamed of being.

&#149Despite the warnings of some readers, I’m reading 1984 anyway. It’s not great, but at least it’s an easy read. And it’s raining here in San Diego so what else am I going to do?

&#149In reading so many articles about Mel Gibson’s movie (you know which one) I keep coming across the devout types who like to say, “We’re all sinners” to which I have to reply: speak for yourself, buddy. At least until after I’ve made hot monkey love simultaneously (difficult…not impossible) with a couple of leggy supermodels, after which you can call me anything you want.

&#149I know more about women’s bras than most women. Someday I’ll explain why, and isn’t that like the coolest tease ever?

&#149I think that Magglio Ordonez, Albert Pujols, and Carlos Beltran are all better ballplayers than A-Rod, which is probably one reason why no one has ever offered me a General Managers job.

&#149When I was younger, my friend Peter and I went dove hunting in Imperial Valley on Labor day. If you’re not familiar with Imperial Valley, it’s the desert between San Diego and Yuma, and around that time of year the temperature in El Centro runs about 105 degrees or hotter. After a full day of hunting we headed home and when we arrived back at Peter’s parent’s house we discovered that his parents were having a formal dinner party. We went in through the kitchen in the back because, for obvious reasons, we were dirty and sweaty and didn’t want to interrupt the adults. Upon hearing us in the kitchen Peter’s mom called out to ask Peter how it went. After he yelled back that we had a good day, she asked if I was with him. When Peter said yes, she said, “Well, come introduce Tom to our guests.”

Walking into the formal dining room we found a long table around which were seated a very distinguished group of older people with the men in tuxedos and the women in formal dresses much like I had only seen in movies. Did I mention that Peter’s family was quite wealthy? I should have, because that would explain why I was introduced to, among others, Barry Goldwater and Alan Simpson. Yeah. Those guys. As they say, long story short: we spent the next twenty minutes or so interrupting the party and talking hunting with the gentlemen which included a trip to the kitchen to see the dove that we had shot that day. And all I could think about the entire time, when I talked to Barry Goldwater and took him outside to see my new shotgun was: my dad voted against you…you’re supposed to be nuts.

But he wasn’t nuts. He was a pretty cool guy.

And that’s my Barry Goldwater story.

&#149Someday I’ll tell you about my interviews with both Spiro Agnew and Don Zimmer when I was a senior in high school, but I bet you’d rather hear about the bras.

Now I have to go rest up. Tomorrow is America’s Worst Mother&#153 day.

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