I Don’t Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like Me: Paranoia Edition

Speaking of overweight radio-blowhards with addictive personalities (see below), here’s Rush complaining about what he thinks are drug surveillance vans:

“When a phone company truck shows up and parks in front of our building, we scram. We don’t know who’s in that truck. We don’t know what devices are in that truck, but we say, ‘Uh-oh we’re getting outta here because they’re going to screw it up.’”

and here’s Rush making less sense than usual:

“Where do you go to find moderates? Somebody tell me. Is there one central place where these people hang out? Do they hang out in bowling alleys? Do they hang outlet(sic) in brie cheese and white wine nightclubs?”

Brie cheese and white wine nightclubs“?

…and people think he’s off the hard stuff?

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