“Okay. When she enters stage left you say, ‘Yeah yeah. Unh unh.’ Then cross your arms, cock your head, and look bad. Okay? Got that? Mr. Diddy?”

Puffy-Diddy does Broadway:

PREVIEWS for “Raisin in the Sun” are only a month away, but our insiders swear that Sean “Puffy” Combs has yet to read the script. “He thinks it will be easy to remember and is too busy right now,” our production source says. The producers are so worried about Combs’ ability to handle the rigors of Broadway that they’re casting his understudy very carefully. “Puffy signed on for a 15-week run,” notes our mole, “but it’s eight performances a week. Not many professional actors can handle that, much less Puffy.” A rep for the show, which starts April 26 at the Royale, said simply, “That is not true.”

15- week run. Yeah. Right.

Good lord. Audra McDonald who is a professional’s professional is co-staring with him.

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