Two weeks from now we’ll be watching Starsky & Hutch and laughing about this…

Well, I’m pretty much done with Mel Gibson’s Jesus Christ: The Passion for a $20 Million Opening Day. But here is a clear and lucid post about the whole hoopla from Byzantium’s Shores with some lines that I think we can all relate to:

I really would rather not see this film in the company of people who, I suspect, are — at least in large part — the kinds of folks who aren’t comfortable being Christians unless you know that they’re Christians, and better ones than you. I just want to see the thing as a movie, and I doubt that’s going to be possible anywhere other than my living room once it shows up at BlockBuster.

Besides, if I want to go get a Butterfinger, I don’t want to be tripping over them as they writhe in the aisles …

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