Later, they got a room and did some transformative lovin’ of their own…

Mel meets Bill and theology ensues:

“TOLERANCE” [Rich Lowry]
I thought Mel Gibson was good on the O’Reilly Factor, even if he seemed a little worn down. One thing caught my ear. He said that what he had learned from the whole experience is “tolerance.” That was the wrong word. What he really meant is that he has learned love and forgiveness. As he said later in the interview, he loves his critics, even if he doesn’t like them. When O’Reilly said that he forgives his own “enemies?”but doesn’t love them, Gibson tried to explain that that isn’t enough, that if you don’t love them, you will be consumed by their hatred. This is a profound point that gets at a phenomenon much deeper than mere “tolerance,” especially as that word is thrown around today. Gibson was talking about the transformative power of love.

…which can be acquired with a a good flogging…and maybe a nice box of Godiva.

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