You get the audience you deserve…

The reviews are in and all the church-going folks whose churches bought out screenings loved it:

“I’d give it 10 stars. It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Maritza Castro, 32, who had tears streaming down her face as she left a preview screening for church groups at the Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem.

“I knew from the Bible that he did take a beating. I didn’t know how intense,” she said.

“The movie just . . . made me feel like I was part of that crowd [at the crucifixion], like I was there . . . So much so that my chest is just caved in. It’s awesome.”

Tom Schoenherr, 48, an assistant dean at Fordham Law School, attended a screening sponsored by the American Bible Society at the Loews 84th Street Theater on the Upper West Side.

“Having read the story, to see a dramatic portrayal of it was just amazing,” Schoenherr said.

He said he wept during scenes showing Mary’s devotion to Jesus, but there were also times he had to avert his eyes from the often-bloody depiction of the last hours of Jesus’ life.


Peter Trautmann, 32, a campus minister from Manhattan, said the movie was “excellent, overwhelming.”

“I cried through much of it,” he said. “It’s a very accurate, powerful, visceral experience.”

In other news, 100% of the men coming out of a stripper bar in Passaic called Lil’ Darlin’s House of Headlights agreed that “boobs are pretty cool”.

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