I got nailed by Jesus…

Since McDonalds passed on the Happy Meal action figures from Mel Gibsons The Passion: Ow…! Jesus Christ! That Hurts! Gibson had to find another merchandising angle to pick up a little extra mammon.

A particularly popular item is a pendant fashioned from a single nail made of pewter and attached to a leather strap, say officials of Bob Siemon Designs, which is licensed by Gibson’s Icon Productions to produce jewelry tied to the film. The pendants represent the nails used in the film to fasten Christ to the cross.

“This thing has turned into this kind of overnight phenomenon that we can’t believe,” Siemon said. He said his staff is working 10- to 14-hour shifts six days a week to keep Christian bookstores supplied with the pendants, crucifixes and other items.

Ooo-ooo. Pretty goth, eh? These might come in pretty handy for picking up unsuspecting Jesus chicks.

For those keeping score at home, add the above movie name to the following:

Lethal Jesus: The Double Cross.
Lethal Jesus: That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Savior-ish
Lethal Jesus: 2 Fast 2 Jewish
Jesus Christ, Superhype
Pop ‘n’ Lock Jesus: Electric Messiah
Passion: A Date with Lethal Jesus
Jesus Christ: Jerusalem Nights
The Passion: God Money I’ll Do Anything For You
Crouching Jesus, Hidden Agenda
Jesus Christ–Beat Me, Hurt Me, Make Me Recite the Psalms
Jesus Christ: Aramaic Graffiti
Jesus Christ: We Were Saviors Once…And Hung
Jesus Christ: 8 Simple Rules About Crucifying My Savior

Jesus…I’m exhausted…

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