Oddly enough his old Internet address was hotfinchonfinchaction.com

Hey. I believe the guy:

Upstate New York Republican Gary Finch wants to know what happened to his Web site.

Somehow it became a link to porno on the Internet. The state Assemblyman says earlier this month, someone took over his old Internet address.

Instead of linking constituents to news releases and information about the state Assembly, Web surfers were offered hardcore pornography.

Finch says the state police are investigating. The lawmaker now has a new Internet address — www.garyfinch.net. He says the new site has tamer fare, like a reading contest for kids.

Here’s a picture of Assemblyman Finch reading a story to the kids at Emily Howland Elementary School. The story that particular day was the old Dr. Seuss favorite: Green Eggs and Butt Plugs.

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