It’s not the spotlight, it’s not the candlelight…

Bush twin Not-Jenna is coming out of her shell:

On Friday, Feb. 13, photographs of First Daughter Barbara Bush flopping like a wet noodle over the arm of Ecuadorian socialite Fabian Basabe at Sette on Seventh Avenue appeared on the front pages of the Daily News.

And into our usual Manhattan morning cup of steamed Schadenfreude fell a few drops of dismay, followed by a stiff chaser of nostalgia: for Amy Carter reading quietly in the Oval Office; for Susan Ford writing a column for Seventeen; even the quaint courtship of Julie Nixon and David Dwight Eisenhower II.

“Barbara is hot,” Sette owner Bobby Malta excitedly told The Observer. “She’s a great dancer, she loves to party—she’s the perfect guest. I wish she’d come every night!”

“Barbara Bush was the sparkler on the soufflé,” said publicist and society editor R. Couri Hay, who helped organize the party. “It added a lot of pizzazz; it was a special moment. The young social set got a close-up look at Barbara—they all loved her. She’s not boring. She’s not Chelsea Clinton. Although Chelsea is coming into her own right now …. “

Immersing yourself in the club scene at age twenty-one isn’t an easy thing to do and can only be mastered by years of practice drinking and advanced partying techniques. Fortunately for Not-Jenna, it’s in her blood…

(Thanks to tbogg gossip-hawk Anna)

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