Okay. He says he’ll do it for a box of Krisy Kremes and a Happy Meal. Oh. And he says he’ll sleep in his car…….

After stumbling through a career that has resulted in many a remaindered book, David Horowitz finally found a niche for himself: whining that conservatives are excluded from our college campuses in much the same way that Ann Coulter is passed over for inclusion on any mental health task force. But what really abrades Horowitz’s chubby white thighs is the lack of money bringing Conservative speakers to college campuses (without mentioning himself, of course):

Selection of speakers, allocation of funds for speaker activities and other student activities will observe the principles of academic freedom and promote intellectual balance. A CSPC review of major university commencement speakers revealed that 99 percent were self-identified Democrats or liberals.

So what happens when a group college Republicans save up some money from their Affirmative Action Bakesales and after getting the deposit back on their Zima keg? They just go and piss it away:

The Democrats’ campaign for the presidency is fueled by an insane rage, a conservative columnist told more than 100 people on Wednesday night at a Valparaiso University speech.

Jonah Goldberg, a contributing editor to National Review, blasted the Democrats for trying to choose a president based on a perceived ability to beat President Bush.


Goldberg’s speech was sponsored by the VU College Republicans the VU Federalist Society

I guess that $5 was burning a hole in their pocket.

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