The extraction of her Opinion Gland seems to have been a success.

Debating issues is for thee, but not for me, says the audioanimatronic First Lady:

Mrs. Bush wouldn’t disclose her opinion on the issue of gay marriage, a hot-button topic on both coasts.

In California, gay couples have been lining up to get marriage licenses in San Francisco. On the East Coast, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently ruled that its state constitution permits gay marriages — a ruling the president called “deeply troubling.”

Bush has said that if judges “insist on forcing their arbitrary will upon the people,” he would be forced to protect the “sanctity of marriage” by seeking a constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriages.

So far, he hasn’t.

“It’s an issue that people want to talk about and not want the Massachusetts Supreme Court or the mayor of San Francisco to make their choice for them,” Mrs. Bush said. “I know that’s what the president thinks. I think people ought to have that opportunity to debate it, to think about it, to see what the American people really want to do about the issue.”

But when asked how she feels about same-sex marriages, Mrs. Bush replied: “Let’s just leave it at that.”

Let’s talk about nice things because nice things are nice.

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