More than a little disturbing

I cringed when I read this story about Katie Hnida.

The president of the University of Colorado said Wednesday that she has requested Boulder police to investigate a rape allegation by a former female football player.

Katie Hnida, a 1999 placekicker for the team and the only woman ever to play football for the school, told the magazine Sports Illustrated she was verbally abused, harassed and molested by other players and — on one occasion — raped by a teammate. She said she never reported the rape to police.

As those of you who have been reading this blog since last fall know, my daughter was the kicker on her freshman football team this year and has been invited back with a good shot at varsity next season (the varsity kicker is a senior and the JV had a rotating cast of kickers). We went into the season last year with a great deal of concern regarding her physical safety (she’s 5′ 2″ and about 112 pounds) as well as how her teammates and their parents would accept her. After she got popped a few times on blocked kicks we got over worrying about injuries about as much as humanly possible when it comes to having your child playing football. As far as her teammates were concerned, it was a non-issue. Her best friends at the school are some of her buddies from the football team who show up at her soccer games and hold up signs and chant her name. The only incident during the season was earlier on when one of the boys, talking to one of the coaches, referred to her as the “kicker chick”. He spent some time running laps. But when I see things like the Hnida attack, it plants a little seed of concern that I wish I didn’t have to have. Another concern is new sudden national concern-of-the-week about whether girls should be allowed to play boys sports, and I’d hate to see that affect her. I’m just hoping the national doesn’t become the local.

Oh. Casey finishes her soccer season this afternoon with a team that has gone 18-2-3 and outscored their opponents over the last five games 38-1. She has 7 goals and nine assists on the season.

She’s a stud no matter which version of football she plays.

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