Shooting blanks at the Bushco corral

Businessman, entrepreneur, and World Class Hooker Magnet Neil Bush is getting married again in March to the mother of his lovechild, but don’t expect the newlywed Bushs to be spawning any more heirs to the throne:

PRESIDENTIAL brother Neil Bush won’t be making any more babies with his bride-to-be Maria Andrews. PAGE SIX has learned that he recently underwent a vasectomy. We can also reveal that the newly pruned Bush will marry Andrews March 6 in Houston, with a reception to follow at the home of Neil’s parents, George and Barbara Bush. It’s unclear if President George W. Bush, who is scheduled to be in Houston on business that weekend, will attend. Neil may have wished he had his vasectomy a lot sooner if the DNA test ordered by a Houston judge names him the father of Andrews’ 3-year-old son. In January, a judge mediating Neil’s nasty divorce with Sharon Bush ordered the test to determine if he fathered Andrews’ son while still married to Sharon. Andrews’ ex-husband, Robert, countered with a defamation lawsuit against Sharon Bush in September, saying he is the boy’s father. Neil and Sharon have three children: fashion model Lauren, 19; Pierce, 17; and Ashley, 14.

No word yet which side of the aisle the herpes will be seated on.

You know, this wouldn’t be happening if they were homosexuals….

(Thanks to Anna)

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