Noonan’s nightmare

Looks like some folks got through to la Noonan:

St. Louis, Mo.: Will enchanted dolphins arrive in time to save President Bush’s drowning Presidency like they saved Elian?

Peggy Noonan: Maybe. And maybe he won’t need saving. And maybe the Democrats will. And maybe by the election you’ll need saving, and perhaps some of Bush’s decisions made in connection to the war on terror will save you. It’s all the maybes that keep us getting up in the morning with a sense of excitement and anticipation, don’t you think?

She takes her lumps over Bush too:

Gambrills, Md.: Your characterization of Bush as a firefighter was as follows: “But if there’s a fire on the block he’ll run out and help. He’ll direct the rig to the right house and count the kids coming out and say, “Where’s Sally?” He’s responsible. He’s not an intellectual.”

So, during Vietnam, where was Bush? John Kerry was in Vietnam earning several Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze star for, among other things, being in charge of a swift boat, taking out enemy soldiers when his shipmates were under fire, and saving one of his shipmates who had fallen overboard.

Bush was campaigning for a family friend in Alabama, after he used family favors to get into the National Guard in order to avoid service. That’s responsible?

Peggy Noonan: Let me put it another way: Where is Kerry now? Where is he on Iraq, on mideast policy, on the war on terror? Do you really believe he’s fighting the fire? In honor Kerry’s service in Vietnam — who doesn’t? But I’d like to see him take more responsibility now. As for Bush, I knew a lot of people who didn’t join the Guard back then and didn’t learn how to fight. I think you’re too quick to put down his service.


Kansas City, Mo.: Excuse me? “Bush is the triumph of the seemingly average American man.” He used connections to bypass 500 others to get in the Guard, his father’s friends helped him in the oil and baseball business, and he’s in the White House thanks to people his dad appointed. So how is that average? Sounds a lot more like the triumph of the well-connected American man.

Peggy Noonan: Put your resentment away for a second and consider this. There’s a funny thing about Bush. He started life with all the advantages — parents, security, standing. And yet I have noticed there is about him the lack of smoothness, and the chippiness, of one who is self made. He’s not like some smooth countryclub entitlement baby, he’s rougher and less…lemonade on the porch in Greenwhich-y. I think it’s Texas. What do you think?

That is some weak stuff from Peggy.

Good job everyone!

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