Fighting another war from a nice safe distance

Now that he’s no longer fighting Islamofascism with his trusty 50-caliber QWERTY Recoilless-Keyboard, Andrew Sullivan has taken up arms to battle the dreaded Christofascists:

WHY NOT ARREST THEM?: I concur with John Derbyshire that one possible response to the civil disobedience in San Francisco is the mass or singular arrest of married couples or the mayor. Some on the Christian right agree and want to arrest Newsom. Go ahead. Make his day. I’m sure many of those newly married couples would also gladly go through the arrest procedure. Being thrown in jail for loving and committing to another person for life would highlight much of the injustice that now exists. The arrests would further the groundswell of empowerment that is now dawning on gay America. So bring it on. We shall overcome.

If it’s war they want, it’s war that they shall have. Gentlemen! Prepare the milky load cannons!

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