The everchanging face of Jesus

Alicublog has a fun piece on that guy that everyone is trying to claim these days:

In later years I met a few certified Jesus Freaks and found them very pleasant company, if you stayed off the topic of religion (which, believe it or not, they could, though they ended each encounter by praying that one day I would “come to Jesus”). For years I thought followers of the Man from Galilee were perfectly OK.

Well, we all know what happened after that. American Christianity became a witch-huntin’. homo-hatin’, muscle-flexin’ affair. The nuns of St. Pat’s, apparently, hadn’t been hardcore enough; they’d been unable to make that final leap of faith, and present to us a different Jesus that did not love, that did not forgive. What was needed in this new, crucial age was not a Jesus who would lead us down to the riverside for veggie casseroles and wet t-shirt baptisms, but a Jesus that would lead us into battle, and that namby-pamby “Prince of Peace” character just wasn’t going to make it.

His earlier mention of Jesus Christ Superstar reminded me of a date in high school with then-tbogg-girlfriend Cindy. Walking out of the Cinema Grossmont after seeing the film she suddenly burst into tears and wailed, “It’s all true!” alerting me to the fact that she wasn’t too stable…and I wasn’t getting any that night.

We should have gone to see American Graffiti instead. I blame it all on Jesus.

Funny how you remember stuff like that…

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