Ruining a perfectly good evening of fondue and Pictionary…

It used to be that Mel Gibson could clear the house of guests by breaking out the Yahtzee dice. Now he just show’s them his movie Jesus Christ–Beat Me, Hurt Me, Make Me Recite the Psalms:

MEL GIBSON’s doing TV, preparing folks for the ceaseless, endless, pitiless, violence in his “The Passion of the Christ.” He’s previously had parlor parties, selected friends, who’ve shown it in home movie theaters. Rich friends. Poor one’s with studio apartments don’t have screening rooms. A routine is wine/champagne, hors d’oeuvres, buffet supper, desert, coffee, bucket of popcorn and 90 minutes of unrelenting beating, whipping, nailing, torturing and agony. The host’s major problem being, what kind of wine goes with blood.

Per some who’ve sat through this: “Gibson clearly says the Jews killed Christ. In his movie, Pontius Pilate’s a nice guy who wants to let Jesus go. The Jews say, ‘No . . . give Him more.’ Pilate’s wife gives Jesus water. Pilate again says to release Him. Again the Jews won’t.”

One evening, all 50 guests, eerily silent at the end, left quietly. Two, whose professional relationships made them unable to walk out in the middle, said: “It’s tough to take. Nobody should see this ugly horrible movie.”

Then again, it beats the video of his trip to the Grand Canyon…

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