Blurring the line between legitimate media…and Drudge.

It must be so confusing:

This is unusually transparent partisanship, even by the not-very-demanding standards of Big Media in an election year. The good news is that it is transparent.

But hey, maybe Lindlaw will do a story on Kerry: “There were women in the room where Kerry spoke, something bound to serve as a reminder of a story that consumed the Kerry campaign last week. . . .”

The difference being that there are serious questions about Bush’s service in the National Guard that have still not been answered, whereas the Kerry story was a bunch of Drudge crap. But Glenn (who has gotten more thin-skinned as the election grows closer) smells Big Media conspiracy. I mean, look!, Lindlaw appeared in a forum with Helen Thomas and Daniel Schorr back in January.

Plotting a little sedition in the Green Room, I’m sure…

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