When you said “footsteps”, did you mean “skidmarks”?….


MS. CONNIE HORNER: We’re all wondering — we’re all wondering how you enjoyed the race yesterday?

THE PRESIDENT: A lot. (Laughter.) I had the honor of calling Dale Earnhardt, Jr., after the race, to congratulate him. I said, there’s nothing wrong with a fellow following in his father’s footsteps. (Laughter and applause.) We had a great time, really a good time.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.:

Dale Earnhardt, one of the greatest stars in auto racing history, died Sunday from injuries in a last-lap crash at the Daytona 500.

The seven-time Winston Cup champion, known as The Intimidator for his aggressive driving, had to be cut out of his car after slamming into the wall on the final turn of the race while fighting for position.

Well, I’m sure that’s not what he meant and I just want to say that I hope George W. Bush follows in the footsteps of his father too. You know, the one termer…..

(Thanks to Joe for the link)

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