No sex for you

As we have said before, some people choose abstinence, others have it thrust upon them. But George Bush, knowing that it’s too late for his daughters, Jenna and not-Jenna, has plans for the Virginal Youth of America&#153:

The Bush administration is proposing to double spending on sexual abstinence programs that bar any discussion of birth control or condoms to prevent pregnancy or AIDS despite a lack of evidence that such programs work.

A study by researchers at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on declining birth and pregnancy rates among teenagers concludes that prevention programs should emphasize abstinence and contraception.

“Both are important,” said Dr. John Santelli, the lead author of the study, which has not been published.

Funds will be used to purchase these T’s for the so-far unsullied flowers of virtue and the “My god. Won’t this erection ever go away? Why must you torment me!” crowd.

No fun will be had by all….

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