Attempting to slip a five under her thong-strap, I was tackled by the Secret Service

The other Bush daughter, not-Jenna, has apparently taken a job at one of those “Live Nude Co-eds” places to pick up a little drinking money:

FRISKY First Daughter Barbara Bush put on a belly-dancing show at Chelsea hot spot Viscaya early yesterday while imitating the undulating tummy of a sword-twirling Japanese dancer named Yoko. Bush jumped up and joined Yoko at the socialite-studded after-party for Jennifer Nicholson’s fashion show, prompting partygoers to throw flowers and hundreds of dollars in cash at the feet of Bush and Yoko. Commenting on the trays of margaritas and Veuve Clicquot champagne delivered to Bush’s table before her gutsy performance, one wag quipped, “I hope the Secret Service is driving her home.”

Thank Jeebus that they put “FRISKY First Daughter” in front of Barbara Bush. Otherwise, the mind reels…then it drops to it’s knees and pukes up everything it ‘s eaten since March 2002.

(Thanks to Anna…again)

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