Compare and contrast

This has been a good week for lefty bloggers and a bad week for George Bush. What makes it a really bad week for Putting the W in AWOL is the National Guard story that has finally gotten legs after three years of being ignored the major media poodles who have only now discovered they have teeth.

To keep on top of this story you should be checking (almost hourly) with Kevin at CalPundit and David at Orcinus who are doing excellent work. Let’s also not forget our good friend Atrios who is sort of the Drudge of the left wing but without the egg fetish, habitual lying and overall “closety” vibe.

And if you’re in the mood for watching drowning men grabbing at straws due to poor comprehension skills and the inability to keep up with the revelations, you might want to check out Citizen Smash and Bill Hobbs. They’re both nice guys but they’re way out of their depth.

And anyone citing this letter needs to be dangled over “the shark-filled Gulf of Mexico” until they come to their senses.

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