It’s an honor to fight for your country. So you should do it for free.

The next time someone complains about Democrats playing politics with the War on Terra, ask them what they think about a President who is more intersted in getting elected than in paying military salaries:

The military will have no money to pay for the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for three months beginning Oct. 1 because the White House is declining to ask Congress for funding until December or January, well after the presidential election.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker told the Senate Armed Services Committee the $38 billion he has for 2004 war operations will last only until the end of September, as he spends $3.7 billion a month in Iraq and about $900 million a month in Afghanistan. The Army has about 114,000 soldiers in Iraq and roughly 10,000 in Afghanistan.


The war has been funded by emergency supplemental appropriations, separate from the Pentagon’s annual budget, which is not set up to pay for “contingency operations.”

The first Iraq supplemental, requested in March 2003, gave the Pentagon around $63 billion for the war. The second supplemental of $87 billion was requested by President Bush in September 2003. It will run out on Oct. 1. Roughly $19 billion of that total is going toward Iraq civil reconstruction. About $10 billion is for Afghanistan.

President Bush is not asking Congress for a 2005 supplemental until December or January, according to Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim.

Sgt. Rummy, on the the hand, claims ” I see nothingk!”:

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters Tuesday the decision not to request a supplemental rested with the White House. He could not explain why the administration would allow a three-month gap in funding the war on terror, ostensibly its top priority.

“They have so many factors to consider. They have to look at all the departments and agencies. I don’t know — they’ll certainly know a lot more,” Rumsfeld said.

Isn’t it his job to make sure he has a budget and that funds will be available?

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