A room with no view

Kathleen Parker really needs to get out more:

President George W. Bush’s now-exhaustively vetted interview Sunday with Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” proved the O.J. principle once again: People see and hear what they are predisposed to see and hear.

Most Democrats saw a bumbling, evasive fool who can’t account for missing WMD or failed intelligence. Most Republicans saw the usual George Bush who did just fine.

As an Independent, I fall squarely into the “He did fine” camp, with the disclaimer that I wouldn’t mind if the forensics fairy visited Bush’s chambers on Interview Eve. I want him to do well, to speak clearly and unequivocally, because what he means to say is so important.

Oh really?

Are you sure?

Wanna take that back?

Parker then adds:

When he falters, I find consolation in the fact that Bill Clinton was a mellifluous speaker, and he allowed Osama bin Laden to build a worldwide army against us.

The difference being that when the World Trade Towers were first attacked in 1993, Bill Clinton’s Administration caught, tried, and convicted the people behind it within thirteen months.

The Bush Administration has yet to catch their man, who put his plan in motion while George W. Bush took a month-long vacation eight months after taking office. Exactly 29 months later, he’s still out there.

This is what happens when you piss away international goodwill and cooperation.

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