Okay. In this scene, a rightwing news organization lies to the public and everyone gets screwed…

It was pointed out to me that I may have skipped the news of the day in an earlier post. Here’s what I missed:

Fox News producer Marvin Himmelfarb also became fascinated by the 29-year-old Jameson’s art form while doing several stories on her.

“He talked Jenna into letting him write a porn script,” says our source. “It was rejected, if you can believe that.”

Word is that Himmelfarb wrote the script under a pseudonym. A Fox rep said: “We’re looking into it …this is obviously not something a Fox News Channel employee should be involved with.”

Neither Strauss nor Himmelfarb returned calls.

I’m not sure which is more amusing; that a Fox news producer is fascinated by Jameson’s “art form” (note to self: email this euphemism to Clarence T.) or that we might have seen 8 Simple Rules About Humping My Daughter written and directed by Marvin Himmelfarb….I’m sorry, make that written and directed by Rock O’Toole.

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