They have a funny way of showing it

President W talkin’ turkey with Tim:

Russert: On Iraq, the vice president said, “we would be greeted as liberators.”

President Bush: Yeah.

Russert: It’s now nearly a year, and we are in a very difficult situation. Did we miscalculate how we would be treated and received in Iraq?

President Bush: Well, I think we are welcomed in Iraq. I’m not exactly sure, given the tone of your questions, we’re not. We are welcomed in Iraq.

Meanwhile, back in Iraq:

In the latest violence, a U.S. convoy was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in the northern city of Mosul on Sunday, wounding one soldier, witnesses said. A U.S. military official in Mosul, however, said the car was damaged in a road accident and would not comment on injuries.

Also Sunday, a roadside bomb exploded near an Army convoy in Fallujah, west of Baghdad, injuring two soldiers, witnesses said. The U.S. command in Baghdad did not confirm the incident.

For those keeping score at home, since George Bush isn’t:

American soldiers are dying at a rate of more than one a day in Iraq, despite some commanders’ recent claims to have broken the back of the insurgency.

The toll in January was 45 – five more than in December – despite hopes that deposed President Saddam Hussein’s capture would stop the killings from roadside bombs and other attacks.

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