Excuse my mess…

I got bored so I had the painters come over.

It’s still a work in progress.

I never did like that yellow….

(Later that night…..)

Okay…this is it for awhile. I’ve had complaints about people being unable to find links and text readability and the colors and the general lack of high quality, soft-core nipple porn and….jebus, people can sure be whiners. So I’ve slightly increased the size of the text, changed the colors, got rid of the archives, moved the mailbox, let out the seams, put in a wetbar, and installed a bidet.

I’m also going to upgrade to Blogger Super Duper Hot Shit Version&#153 soon so I can offer an RSS feed (whatever the hell that is) that people have been asking for. Also I’ll be able to post pictures which means Friday Basset Blogging which is a lot like cat blogging only lower to the ground and it poops more.

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