Lost in translation

The Gropiantor shows us that Governor Shriverbanger* is having some trouble with the complexities of the English language:

If that weren’t confusing enough for voters, the administration Tuesday sought to distance itself from a statement on the official March election pamphlet in which Schwarzenegger cautions that higher taxes are inevitable if the bond measure, Proposition 57, fails.

“The only choice will be to drastically increase taxes,” reads the statement signed by Schwarzenegger in the pamphlet mailed to California voters.

But Schwarzenegger press secretary Margita Thompson said Tuesday it is not the administration’s position that a tax increase is the only option if the bond fails.

“No,” she said. “The governor’s position is that it means more drastic spending cuts.”

You see, the word “only” means he was talking about the exact opposite thing. Try and keep up, citizens.

I must say, he is certainly keeping us on our toes…

(Credit for Shriverbanger goes to the stud-monkeys at whitehouse.org)

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