Saturday sleepovers, doing each other’s hair, and IMing cute boys

Omigaw, we are, like, the hella coolest class evah!:

There apparently aren’t many shrinking violets in the House Republican freshman class.

“It’s the best class that ever went to Congress,” bragged Texas freshman Rep. John Carter. Noting that the class includes former state senators, businessmen, judges, soldiers and doctors, he said, “There’s guys you can turn to in your class for expertise.”

Added Rep. John Kline of Minnesota, “We’ve held together to support leadership in procedural votes with hardly a crack.”

He noted that many freshman members are donating campaign funds to their colleagues facing close races. And, he added, “We’ve spent a lot of time relaxing together. We’re very tight knit.”

This Saturday the 108th Freshmen can be found at the Georgetown Galleria in their Juicy jeans, shopping at Hollister and slouched on the chairs in front of Starbucks talking on their cells.

They are such hotties…..

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