Non-corporate plug.

An email I got today:

Greetings and salutations from Buffalo,New York. I’m emailing to acquaint you with the finest band in this crumbling city–Jackdaw. They’re a celtic influenced rock band with loads of charisma and a finely honed pop sensibility.(imagine: the Pogues filtered through the american working class experience) That’s our aim.

We have abandoned the idea of signing with a major label(as if they’d want us) and have decided to go it on our own. Given the symbiotic nature of the- corporate dominated–radio landscape we realize how daunting our task.The reason for contacting you is to make aware our music to people we think might like it. Hopefully our musical mayhem is right up your alley. For a small taste of Jackdaw visit: www.brokencans.com for music and testimonials. Should you like us, spread the word.

fraternal regards,


I liked what I heard…so I’m spreading the word.

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