Spanking Andy

Eric Alterman is never going to achieve Honorary Eagle Rank in the Sullivan Scouts if he keeps popping off like this:

Speaking of whom, say one thing for Mr. “Here’s the News from My Bathroom,” every time I think the guy has peaked, he manages to surprise me. Imagine two anonymous people on the planet: One guy is a “GayCatholicToryGAPmodel” who takes credit for liberating Iraq with his modem, and one guy fought with heroism in a war for his country, both in Vietnam and when he returned. So guess who is a “pompous, do-nothing, faux-populist, Establishment blow-hard with the Vietnam obsession”? I wonder how many bullets the tough-guy blogger has taken for his obsessions. (Anybody ever aim an AK-47 at that P-town toilet?) If you’ve got a strong stomach, you can find it here.


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