All you Lieberman voters. Yeah, both of you….

It would probably be incorrect to say that Lieberman’s campaign is going down in flames since it never even managed to taxi down the runway, let alone achieve lift-off, but if you’re cold, scared and lonely, and you need a place to go, well, here’s someone who really understands your needs:

Two clear points have emerged from the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. The first point is that the Democratic choice is now between a Massachusetts liberal and an angry radical from Vermont. Thus, the Democratic choice is really between “left and lefter.”

The second point of the early primaries is that the heart of the Democratic Party has flatly rejected the moderate views of Sen. Joe Lieberman. Like most Americans, Lieberman supported the war on terror and the war in Iraq. Unlike other candidates, Lieberman recognized the significance of the capture of Saddam Hussein. Lieberman also championed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security — yet Democratic voters cast their ballots elsewhere. While other Democratic presidential candidates flip-flopped, straddled and otherwise ran from their previous support of the war, Lieberman stayed true. Thus, left-leaning primary voters have rejected Lieberman’s support of the war.

Like most Americans, Lieberman supported the historic educational reform bill known as the No Child Left Behind Act. This act gives local educators more management flexibility and holds schools accountable for student achievement. However, this has not resonated with left-leaning primary voters. Lieberman has been the one Democrat on the presidential trail to talk about values and the importance of the role faith-based institutions play in our society.

Oh. It was wriitten by Ed Pozzuoli, a Fort Lauderdale attorney and former chairman of the Broward County Republican Party.

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