Shocked, hurt, betrayed…..

Fox News contributor and radio “personality” (if you expand the definition of “personality’ to inlcude someone you’ve never heard of) Mike Gallagher is outraged and angry and even a little sad this morning about that “filthy display” last night:

The Super Bowl halftime show created the kind of rage and disgust in Middle America that was, I suppose, intended by those who staged the show. After all, when pop star Justin Timberlake pulled open singer Janet Jackson’s top to expose her bare breast for the grand finale of the show, it was no accident. Teams of people had to be involved in the planning and execution of this single act of contempt for every man, woman and child who would find this crass and vulgar display offensive.
But strangely enough, I’m feeling another emotion besides anger. I feel overwhelmed by sadness at this most recent (and most prominent) example of the flush of our nation’s cesspool we call prime-time entertainment. Sure, I was shocked and appalled by what these performers did. But I can’t shake this pervasive feeling of sadness. So many people to feel sorry for, so much hurt and harm done by one tasteless, classless act on an international stage like halftime of the Super Bowl.

I feel sorry for Janet Jackson herself. One day she may have to describe to her grandchildren why she allowed herself to be treated like a second-rate whore in front of millions of people.

I feel sorry for Justin Timberlake. This simple, immature young man who was blessed with some marginal talent and great opportunities decided to go along with the plan to degrade and exploit the sexuality between a man and a woman in order to shock a worldwide audience full of impressionable children

I feel sorry for CBS-TV. An otherwise impeccable broadcast, complete with a down-to-the-wire finish between two fine football teams was forever tainted by the network’s apparent desire to titillate and pander to the lowest common denominator.

Because, we all know, that the NFL would never pander to the lowest common denominator.

I feel sorry for parents all over the country who were sitting in front of the television with their young children. I think of proud dads watching the big game with their young sons for the first time and having to explain what happened.

…and then trying to coax those same sons out of the bathroom and , hey, what are you doing in there and why is the door locked?

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