”Brit Hume is a journalist of tremendous accomplishment, distinction and credibility…No really…What’s so funny?”

The sad state of journalism:

Is Fox News Channel ”fair and balanced,” as its motto claims?

Or is that slogan a clever marketing line designed to hide Fox News political tilt to the right?

And with its success — by far, it’s the No. 1-rated cable news channel — have journalists failed to challenge Fox News on its boast?

These questions have been raised before. But now, a well-known journalist may reignite the discussion: Geneva Overholser, former ombudsman of The Washington Post, has resigned from the board of the National Press Foundation because it plans to honor Fox News anchor Brit Hume at its annual dinner in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 19.

Past recipients of the group’s Sol Taishoff award include TV newscasters David Brinkley, Dan Rather, John Chancellor, Jane Pauley, Barbara Walters and Nina Totenberg.

Hume, the ABC White House correspondent who joined Fox in 1996 and anchors a nightly newscast, doesn’t deserve the award because he and Fox practice ”ideologically connected journalism,” Overholser says.

”Fox wants to do news from a certain viewpoint, but it wants to claim that it is ‘fair and balanced,’ ” she says. ”That is inaccurate and unfair to other media who engage in a quest, perhaps an imperfect quest, for objectivity.”


Ed Fouhy, chairman of the four-person committee that unanimously voted to give Hume the award, rejects Overholser’s argument. ”Brit is an excellent journalist,” says Fouhy, who at one time was Hume’s boss at ABC. ”I admire him and his journalism.”

Says Fox’s Irena Briganti: ”Brit Hume is a journalist of tremendous accomplishment, distinction and credibility. We are proud he is being recognized.”

They can put his little prize in the Fox Trophy Case, right next to O’Reilly’s Peabody award.

(Thanks to Nina)

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