America is more closed and more secreter than anybody! USA! USA! USA!….

Cover-up Condi is talking about balking:

President Bush (news – web sites)’s national security adviser acknowledged on Thursday there may have been flaws in prewar intelligence about Iraq (news – web sites) but brushed aside calls for an independent investigation into the matter.

“I think that what we have is evidence that there are differences between what we knew going in and what we found on the ground,” Condoleezza Rice (news – web sites) told CBS.

She added, “That’s not surprising in a country that was as closed and secretive as Iraq, a country that was doing everything that it could to deceive the United Nations (news – web sites), to deceive the world.”

Yeah. Deceiving the world is our job. The big copycats…

Rice said the Iraq Survey Group, which is continuing to search for weapons in Iraq, should complete its work and that the intelligence community had already launched its own investigation.

Because we know what a bang-up job they did last time. And if they screw this one up…..ooooooo…we’re gonna make ’em stay after school and write “I will not abuse the President’s trust again” on the chalkboard about eighty kabillion times…

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