Things to do at NRO when you’re dumb

I did my daily stop over at The Corner to see what they were babbling about today, but it seems that they’ve been given the go ahead to just post emails because, well, it’s easier than working, don’cha think? And being the hipsters that they are (South Park Republicans all… except for the Derb and Tim Graham) you would have thought that they would have linked to this.

Maybe they’re waiting on Mickey Kaus to post a “sophisticated exegesis” so they would know what the hell is going on.

I did enjoy this letter that Jonah shared with us:


I think that the letter posted at The Corner that describes Bush as the neighbor next door may be onto something.

Please let me share a demonstrative anecdote. I was recently in my local Meijer store, which is a Wal-Mart like mega-store, and walked down the cheap art aisle and was stopped in my tracks by a painting of George W. Bush. It was at least 18×12 in size and portrayed our President on one knee, with an open Bible in his right hand, and a clear and distinct wedding ring on his left. He is wearing a shirt and tie, but has the sleeves rolled up.

It surprised me, in that, even out here in red country, there is still plenty of cynicism about our leaders. I guess I just don’t expect our generation to lionize heroes like our parents generation did.

Or maybe this whole NEA thing is a plot to lionize W in velvet like Elvis or James Dean…..

I find this funny in so many ways….

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