“Jonathan? Sweetie? Have you ever seen The Crying Game? ….Why? Oh, no reason….”

We see from World O’Crap that le Skank thinks that John Kerry goes around getting all hitched and stuff to rich ladies.

Coulter: Kerry is like some character in a Balzac novel, an adventurer twirling the end of his mustache and preying on rich women

Now, not to be catty or anything (because that would be wrong), but if I remember correctly, it wasn’t to long ago that Ann was out on the town with some hunky rich guy. Hmmmmmmm….Oh, yeah!:

The blonde in the black micro-mini, cocktail thin, was ANN COULTER, the conservative author. When we saw her at the American Songbook gala at Lincoln Center on Monday night, we asked her about her new book. She told us it was about “liberals.” The tone she brought to that one word was one you might use after months of living in a deeply carpeted apartment with a dog that cannot be house-trained. “Top secret, they’re no good,” Ms. Coulter said. “That’s the seminal insight of the book.”

She was reluctant to give away the title, so she shared one that didn’t make the cut. “My title, much more vicious and vindictive, was “Enemies List: The Coulter Collection.”

A few words about our own oeuvre to her date, JONATHAN LEDECKY, who must be an excellent audience since he said barely a word: “Have you ever read their Boldface Names?” Ms. Coulter asked. “Yeah, second page of Metro. It’s always about those people who you’ve never heard of, who no one has ever heard of.”

Jonathan Ledecky?

Jonathan J. Ledecky has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Company since June 1998. Mr. Ledecky is currently Vice Chairman of Lincoln Holdings LLC, which owns the Washington Capitals, the Washington Wizards and the Washington Mystics sports teams. Mr. Ledecky founded U.S. Office Products Company in October 1994 and served as its Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer from inception through November 1997 and thereafter as a director until May 1998. In February 1997, Mr. Ledecky founded Building One Services Corp., now Encompass Services Corporation, and served as its Chairman until February 2000 and Chief Executive Officer until June 1999. Mr. Ledecky is also a director of publicly traded Aztec Technology Partners, UniCapital Corporation and School Speciality.

Boy. I bet rich- boy Ledecky never thought he had much in common with Eddie Murphy.

Oh. And lest we forget, Ann used to date a Guccione, but she says she wasn’t “arm candy”

Coulter’s columnist job coincides with increased rumblings that she plans to run for Congress. The rumors first arose in the Washington Post’s Reliable Source column, which noted that Coulter — whom Reliable Source called former Spin publisher Bob Guccione Jr.’s “one-time arm candy” — “obviously wants to be taken more seriously” and, though “she won’t say so yet, since she wants to keep working as an unaffiliated pundit,” would run for Connecticut Republican Rep. Christopher Shays’ seat. (Shays, who enjoys wide support from his constituents, ruffled some feathers with his recent vote against impeachment.)

In a letter to the Post, Coulter said, “I must write to correct a few of the many egregious misstatements in your … Reliable Source column. I am not, and have never been arm candy for Bob Guccione Jr. The Gooch was my arm candy — my boy toy — whom I eventually, and regretfully, had to replace with a much younger man.”

Yeah. He was a Big Hunk and she was a Chick-o-Stick …in more ways than one.

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