Now hold on there, buckaroo…..

I wonder how many readers of WorldNet Daily (home of David Limbaugh, Rebecca Hagelin, and Les Kinsolving. Publisher of Michael Savage)) had their world spin out of control and everything got all woozy and they felt the need for a cool damp compress and a lie-down in a dark room after reading this letter (you’ve gotta scroll down a bit):

I am a regular reader of WorldNetDaily, and I find most of your views consistent with my own – save in one area. That area is your attitude toward people whose sexual orientation differs from your own.

Like the married cowboys portrayed by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in “Brokeback Mountain,” I too am married, in love with my wife, the father of three children and, with the blessing of my wife, in love with another man. Mine is a common story and it is only attitudes like yours that require most of us to remain hidden, mainly so that our children will not be ostracized.

I admire Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal for having the courage to portray the lives of people like me. There are a lot of us – carpenters, football players, lawyers, doctors, journalists and, yes, even cowboys. We do not appear in most polls, and our numbers are unknown, even to us. You would have no idea whatsoever who we are unless we decided to tell you. And many of us despise the liberal agenda and consider ourselves conservatives.

My children are grown now. My son is in his late twenties and is an associate partner at a large law firm; he and his girlfriend will be getting married next year. My oldest daughter, in her mid-twenties is a first year medical student. My youngest daughter, in her early twenties works in the entertainment industry.

I count my blessings that my wife, early in our marriage, came to understand my dual love nature. Her capacity for love, more than anything, has made it possible for us to become a very happy, close family. Some of my friends have not been so lucky – they feel compelled to hide this aspect of their lives from their wives, which causes a great deal of tension. I would not want to live that way.

By the way, I do not like the term “bisexual,” which implies that one is ready to jump anyone’s bones. I am, perhaps, “biamorous” – that is, capable of falling in love with a man and a woman simultaneously and capable of maintaining long-term relationships with both.

Too tough for you? Get used to it, pardner. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Name Withheld

Last I heard, Joeseph Farah did not claw his eyeballs from their sockets while screaming, “This is not our demographic! This is not our demographic! la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lal-a-la…”.

(Thanks to Sadly, No for the inadvertent link)

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