It Is As It Sucks

It’s an old story. An A-list actor with an ‘interesting’ background invests a great deal of personal money and time and puts their reputation on the line to bring to the screen a story they think needs to be told.

Unfortunately…they screw it up.

Mel Gibson reportedly put 20 to 30 million dollars into Passion: A Date with Lethal Jesus and has been out generating whatever buzz he can by ginning up fake controversies and paranoid fantasies because…

his movie blows.

That’s spooky. Frank Rich made an interesting point in his New York Times column: that the audiences that have been selected to see this film before the release are all very conservative Christians like the Senate Republican Conference, the White House Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives, and Rush Limbaugh — but it hasn’t been shown to critics or Bible scholars or Jewish groups. Do you think Mel knows he has something to worry about, here?

I just don’t think it’s very well done. I think if someone wants to get into some interesting cinematic treatments, they should go see “The Gospel According to St. Matthew” by Pasolini. Or even the old Hollywood blockbusters. [“The Passion”] reflects a very morbid kind of theology. If the idea is to just provoke, it may do that. I thought it was a lot of dull, unless you like watching protracted torture scenes.

So you didn’t feel like it was going to be a tool of great conversion or anything.

No, not at all. It’s 100 percent Hollywood trash. There’s so many stories that can illumine the meaning of suffering and redemption and forgiveness, and renewal of life, and they’re not all in the Bible.

This is Gibson’s Battlefield Earth.

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