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It’s nice to see that the marvelously androgynous Karen Hughes is back in the fold again:

Mike George, from Washington, DC writes:
Where are the WMD?

Karen Hughes

I think the only answer is that we are trying to find out. The evidence on which we acted was based on 15 years of information and analysis from the intelligence community, gathered during both Democratic and Republican administrations. I saw a recent interview with a senior career CIA employee, who said the information we were given did not suddenly change — and had been consistently the information given American presidents and the Congress for 15 years.

It was based on the best information and analysis available. In his report, Inspector David Kay found– and I quote — evidence of “ongoing weapons of mass destruction activities” and Iraqi deception — although the media frequently ignores that — I notice it wasn’t mentioned in several newspaper stories this morning. Those “ongoing weapons of mass destruction activities” would be ongoing to this day had we not acted.

We are continuing to seek all the facts, and the President will share them with the American people as we learn them.

Now go play with your XBox while Karl and I work on our plans to blow smoke up America’s ass…again.

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