You f—-d up, you trusted us!

Mickey Kaus thinks that John Kerry isn’t suited to be President because the guy who is President lied to Kerry and Kerry believed him so Kerry is out and the guy who lied should probably stay in office.

In case you have missed it, Kerry explains his vote this way:

I voted to give the authority to the president to use force under a set of promises by the president as to how he would do it: build a legitimate international coalition, exhaust the remedies of the United Nations, and go to war as a last resort. He broke every single one of those promises.

And that’s why I’m the best candidate to run against him and beat him, because I knew we had to hold Saddam Hussein accountable but I knew how to do it the right way. President Bush did it the wrong way.

Never mind what it says about Kerry’s judgment that he trusted the vague promises made by a president he now claims is so unfit for office. (You’d think before such a momentous decision Kerry would have met with Bush in private, to obtain the assurances Bonesman-to-Bonesman–or maybe even gotten them in writing.)

Never loan Mickey any money….

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