Cuz the dolphins tell me so….

Peggy Noonan says that Wesley Clark is a:

first class strange-o

That he is:

arrogant and opportunistic


a man who has no real beliefs save one: Wes Clark should be president

temperamental and unpredictable and strange

…and then adds;

We can’t afford flip-outs, or people who are too obviously creepy.

Along the way she lies:

He is passionately for the war until he announces for the Democratic nomination facing an antiwar base, at which point he becomes passionately antiwar. He thanks God that George Bush and his aides are in the White House, then he says they’re the worst leaders ever. Anyone can change his mind; but this is not a change, it’s a swerve, and without a convincing rationale.

and shows that she doesn’t get out much:

It is not terrible that he was introduced the other day in New Hampshire by a bilious activist, Michael Moore, who called the president a “deserter.” Gen. Clark didn’t address the charge when he took the stage. He could have been distracted, and it certainly would have been ungracious to say, “Thanks for that introduction, which I must disavow because it suggests a grassy knoll extremism with which I cannot associate myself.” But in the days afterward Gen. Clark was repeatedly questioned about Mr. Moore’s charge. He dug the hole deeper by leaving open the possibility that it was true.

Even though it is true.

Which is probably why Republican Peggy starts this whole mess with:

Let me assert something that I cannot prove with a poll but that is based on serious conversations the past few months with Republicans and also normal people

I think she made her case.

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