When you ask if women can have it ‘all’, well, please define ‘all’. Because I came in here thinking ‘all’ meant, you know, stuff you actually wanted to have…

Naturally after obtaining that picture of America’s Worst Mom&#153 (see below) I had to go check out the source, which is something called America’s Future Foundation which is some kind of foundation for the socially awkward where they try to make them feel like society isn’t sniggering behind their backs, and if they are, well they’re actually laughing with them and not at them. Oh hell, here’s how they put it:

America’s Future Foundation is an innovative and growing organization that identifies and develops talented young people who will play important roles in the movement for freedom and in American society. Our entire mission is focused on helping these bright liberty-minded people in their mid-20s and 30s build their social networks and become better at what they do so that they can move up to leadership positions quickly — whether they work in journalism, policy, business, academia, or the arts.

AFF employs an operating strategy of self-development where participants have an opportunity to help plan and implement our programs directly. At any given time we work closely with our most active and capable members to do everything from preparing events to editing and laying out our magazine. AFF cuts the teeth and harnesses the talent of these likeminded young stars through the following core programs…

Basically it’s a Rotary Club for the kind of young people that society has decided must really really remain abstinent for obvious reasons so why not give them a place to hang out so they don’t bother attractive desirable people in their 20’s and 30’s who just want to have a good time and don’t want to talk about the dirty parts in Atlas Shrugged.

Among the topics covered at AFF Round Tables are:

Women Can Have It All unless, of course, by ‘all’ they mean guys who weren’t dressed by their moms who are waiting outside in the car with the heater going and a thermos of hot chocolate, in which case a gift certificate to Good Vibrations would be greatly appreciated.

What the Heck Is A NeoCon and do they get some kind of card that lets them buy hair gel by the gallon really cheap?

Same Sex Marriage but not us. Nope… we’re straight. Just looking for babes. That’s what we’re doing. Yup. We’re here to score…with babes, of course.

Euthanasia. Guess which one?

and Cloning, which may not be for everyone, if you know what I mean….

All in all, it looks like good clean fun, phallic imagery notwithstanding

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