If we lower this bar any further, we’re going to need a backhoe…

It was with some amusement today that I read this via a link at World O’Crap:

But I feel we must include in the line-up Washington DC’s resident brainy blonde mom, Danielle Crittenden, columnist author of Amanda Bright @ Home and Things Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us; my lovely friend Meghan Cox Gurdon (another brainy blonde) who has parlayed her experience as a national radio reporter and feature writer into a popular home-life column for the National Review Online..

Meghan Cox Gurdon? “Lovely” and “a brainy blonde”? Have I misjudged her? Could she be some kind of Hot Hausfrau who looks like this?


(Thanks to Megan for the picture…I think)

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....