Must be why she lets her kids pee on the Proust

Meghan Cox Gurdon wants to be part of KJL’s He-Woman French Haters Club. First K-Lo writes:

Kerry just practiced his French during the after-rally greet and meet.
Posted at 07:59 PM

Gasp! or should that be: le gasp!

Then Gurdon, who is desperate for any kind of relationship with an adult in an attempt to escape the soul-deadening life she has made for herself by squeezing out Anemone, Claire-Bob, Polyamory, and Ramses in little over six years (causing her obstetrician to suggest a velcro episiotomy) writes to K-Lo:

Meghan Gurdon caught more of Kerry’s French moment than I did. She e-mails: “”J’espere” he said, to his froggy well-wishers, who evidently called him M. le President, though it was hard to hear through the roars of enthusiasm.”
Posted at 08:08 PM

Because, my God!, we can’t have a President who speaks more than one language, or in the case of the current President, slightly more than half of a language. And to speak french, no less….

Later K-Lo wrote back to Meghan to point out that she just discovered that the french don’t have a word for ‘fellatio‘, causing Meghan to ask what fellatio is…which would explain all those kids and the reason that Meghan’s husband never comes home…

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